The Taiwan Policy Centre is a non-partisan organisation dedicated to boosting political, cultural, and trading relations between the UK and Taiwan. We aim to increase the knowledge and understanding that policy-makers, the media, and the British public have about Taiwan though a combination of research, educational events, and outreach.

We further aim to highlight the threats and injustices that Taiwan faces at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party and lobby the UK Government to take a stronger and more proactive stand in support of Taiwan on the global stage.

Too often, media coverage and understanding of Taiwan is shaped by the language and claims of the Chinese Communist Party, a governing authority which does not, and never has, governed Taiwan. The Taiwan Policy Centre aims to correct these misconceptions and ensure that the UK’s policies towards Taiwan and media coverage of Taiwanese affairs is rooted in research and law.


The Taiwan Policy Centre is a not-for-profit organisation that relies on supporter donations to fund our work.

We welcome all donations large and small and owing to the sensitive nature of our work, we only publish details of our funding in general terms and have a policy of publishing donations over £1200 per annum.

If you would like to make a donation to enable the Taiwan Policy Centre to continue its work, please visit our website at www.taiwanpolicycentre.com/donate