The Taiwan Policy Centre has three core aims:


Raise awareness of the reality of the UK’s relationship with Taiwan and the key issues around Taiwan among policy makers, the media, and the British public.


Provide a trustworthy resource for factual, English-language documentation, research, news, and briefings on all matters relating to Taiwan.


Advocate for closer and deeper political and trading relations between the UK and Taiwan with policy-makers, the media, and the British public.

We will seek to deliver on these three core objectives though a range of activities. These will include:

  • Conducting original research;
  • The publication of reports, briefings, factsheets, and other documentation;
  • Hosting events, discussions, and other activities on Taiwan-related issues;
  • A range of media activity from interviews and media comments to op-eds;
  • Speaking about Taiwan-related matters at appropriate external events and functions;
  • Providing a prominent and reliable presence on social media; and
  • A wide range of other appropriate activities.


The Taiwan Policy Centre has a number of core policy objectives that will form a focal point to all the work that we do. These are policy priorities that we believe the UK Government should be seeking to adopt.

The UK Government should …

COMMIT to supporting the US, Japan, and other allies in defending Taiwan in the event of an invasion by the People’s Republic of China.

LEGISLATE to convey full diplomatic rights on the representatives of the Taiwanese Government in the UK.

LEGISLATE to permit UK Ministers and Government Officials of all levels to visit Taiwan and communicate with the Taipei Representative Office in the UK.

LIFT all restrictions on Taiwanese Government officials visiting the UK.

TAKE further steps to permit British defence companies to sell equipment to Taiwan for the purposes of self-defence and to support Taiwan’s own domestic defence sector.

COMMENCE discussions with other democratic governments around the world to consider a multilateral move to recognise the Government of Taiwan alongside the government of the People’s Republic of China.

TAKE whatever action necessary to include Taiwan in all international organisations regardless of whether statehood is a prerequisite.

COMMENCE talks on a comprehensive free trade agreement between the UK and Taiwan.

In the course of our work, we also expect to make policy recommendations aimed at the Taiwanese Government and the Taipei Representative Office in the UK as well. When we do, these recommendations will be communicated with these Taiwanese government bodies in the usual way.