China Vol. 823 | Lords Debate : 14th July 2022

On Thursday 14th July, Lord West of Spithead (Labour), the former First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff, tabled a question for short debate in the House of Lords on topic of China. The question tabled was ‘To ask Her Majesty’s Government what steps they will take to...

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Taiwan Vol. 819 | Lords Debate : 3rd March 2022

So what might we do when institutions are subverted? By way of example, might the United Kingdom lead by suggesting to its partners that we join an informal and temporary coalition of countries to simultaneously recognise on the same day the sovereignty of Taiwan—a vibrant and brave democracy which has...

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China Genocide | Lords Debate : 25th Nov 2021

Does the patrolling of the Taiwan Strait by the US warship and of similar passages by the navies of the UK, Canada and France signal the intention to go beyond the optics? The mantra of “one country, two systems” has suffered a shocking demise in Hong Kong. There is still...

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