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“Washington should not be fearful of charting this new course: China is changing, and U.S. policy has to change with it…The world is entering an era in which the comfortable assumptions that have kept the peace need reassessment.” — @MichaelSchuman https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2022/09/joe-biden-taiwan-china-strategic-ambiguity/671512/

🚨 Since 1971, Taiwan has been the country that cannot be recognised. Taiwanese on the world stage have been talked over, ignored, forced to adopt spurious names, belittled, shut out, patronised, scolded, and blamed for the temerity of identifying themselves as Taiwanese.

To paraphrase @Ian_M_Easton, paternalistic & colonial hand wringing in Washington over What To Do About Taiwan is odd. 1st, Taiwan (ROC 🇹🇼) executes sovereignty, no need to declare independence. 2nd, the central concept of international law is the principle of self-determination.

The basic errors in the piece such as confusing different elements of US policy and internalising PRC framing about the military threat it poses are testament to how much work remains to get accurate & balanced coverage of Taiwan. Maybe ask Taiwanese too?

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