Letter From James Cleverly Foreign Secretary | In Committee : 15th November 2022

[EXCERPT] The UK’s approach to export licensing for Taiwan has not changed. The UK operates one of the most transparent export licensing systems in the world, publishing quarterly and
annual statistics on all our export licensing decisions, including details of export licences
granted, refused and revoked, including those to Taiwan. Quarterly statistics published by
the Export Control Joint Unit earlier in the year show that the UK has not ceased issuing
arms export licences to Taiwan. All applications are considered on a case by case basis
against the Strategic Export Licensing Criteria. Licences for exports of controlled goods
will only be granted where consistent with the Criteria.
The UK’s longstanding policy on Taiwan has not changed: we have no diplomatic relations with Taiwan but a strong, unofficial relationship, based on dynamic commercial, educational and cultural ties.

UK-Taiwan Friendship and Co-operation | Commons Debate : 10th Feb 2022

Alicia Kearns (Rutland and Melton) (Con): I beg to move, That this House notes the importance of the UK’s relationship with Taiwan; calls on the Government to continue to work towards the strengthening of the UK-Taiwan trade relationship and deepening of security cooperation; and further calls on the Government to support Taiwan’s recognition in the international community.

Representations: Backbench Business Support for Taiwan? | In Committee : 11th Jan 2022

Bob Stewart: From the point of view of the security of Taiwan and of the South China sea, the Government are obviously worried about that, as they sent a fleet there and an aircraft carrier through, but we still haven’t got the—am I allowed to use the word?—balls to actually put our aircraft carrier west-about Taiwan rather than east-about. The aircraft carrier went east-about to avoid offending the Chinese, because east-about is in the Taiwan straits. We as a Parliament should demonstrate solidarity with Taiwan.