in WESTMINSTER - In Committee "Letter from James Cleverly, Foreign Secretary, to Alicia Kearns MP"

Foreign Affairs Committee

Published : 15th of November, 2022


James Cleverly (Foreign Secretary)

In Committee Letter To Alicia Kearns MP

House of Commons

Held : 15th of November, 2022

James Cleverly (Foreign Secretary)

Dear Alicia, I was pleased to appear before the Foreign Affairs Committee on 14 November, alongside Sir Philip Barton (Permanent Under-Secretary). During the session, I agreed to follow up on a number of topics.

James Cleverly (Foreign Secretary)


[EXCERPT] The UK’s approach to export licensing for Taiwan has not changed. The UK operates one of the most transparent export licensing systems in the world, publishing quarterly and annual statistics on all our export licensing decisions, including details of export licences granted, refused and revoked, including those to Taiwan. Quarterly statistics published by the Export Control Joint Unit earlier in the year show that the UK has not ceased issuing arms export licences to Taiwan. All applications are considered on a case by case basis against the Strategic Export Licensing Criteria. Licences for exports of controlled goods will only be granted where consistent with the Criteria. The UK’s longstanding policy on Taiwan has not changed: we have no diplomatic relations with Taiwan but a strong, unofficial relationship, based on dynamic commercial, educational and cultural ties.

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