Taiwan Best For Expats Again

Taiwan has been voted the best country in the world for ex-pats for the third year in a row.

Out of the 59 countries surveyed in the Internations Expat Insider survey, Taiwan ranked first in 2020, as it has in 2018 and 2019. Not a single ex-pat surveyed said they felt unsafe in Taiwan and it came top of the list for friendliness. Taiwan also comes first in the Quality of Life and Working Abroad Indices.

Most expats in Taiwan are satisfied with their job security (83% vs. 61% globally) and the state of the local economy (85% vs. 62% globally). The majority of expats are happy with their job (75% vs. 68% globally) and their life in general (80% vs. 75% globally). Furthermore, 96% of expats rate the quality of medical care positively (vs. 71% globally), and another 94% are satisfied with its affordability (vs. 61% globally).

An expat from Chile gave Internations a particularly powerful quote saying, “The Taiwanese healthcare system truly considers people as human beings instead of mere numbers.” 

An expat from Canada added, “I can live independently. I feel safe wherever I go, and everything is convenient.”

Although Taiwan places slightly lower in the Ease of Settling In Index (13th), it is the best-ranking country worldwide in the Friendliness subcategory (1st).

Most expats find it easy to make friends there (62% vs. 48% globally) and describe the Taiwanese population as friendly towards foreign residents (96% vs. 67% globally).

You can read the full results and survey here.

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