UK News: Liberal Democrats launch election manifesto with strong commitment to Taiwan

The Liberal Democrat party in the UK have released their manifesto, which as far as we are able to tell is the first to explicitly recognise Taiwan as a country and call for deeper diplomatic relations between the UK and Taiwan. Here are the two main components of the International section of the manifesto which reference Taiwan:

We welcome this move and congratulate the Liberal Democrats for hewing towards a position which respects Taiwan and recognises its right to sovereignty and security. The Taiwan Policy Centre’s position is that advocacy for Taiwan stands on Taiwan’s merits and does not need to be justified or contextualised via a confrontation with any other state or a ‘clash of values’ narrative. Taiwan’s existence is not a punishment of another state or a tool to exercise leverage over a third state. Taiwan is important to the UK in its own right because of its technological prowess and as a significant trading partner. That relationship can reap greater rewards if it is institutionalised, erasing many bureaucratic, symbolic, and economic barriers. Recognising Taiwan’s right to self-determination and sovereignty, treating it as an equal state on the world stage, is in alignment with rights accorded to all peoples, including Taiwanese, under the founding documents of the U.N. and subsequent international law.

We will be monitoring other parties running in the UK General Election, their manifesto commitments, and any mention of Taiwan.

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